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The Society

If you live in or near Croydon a visit to the ‘Worlds First’ purpose built ‘International Airport’ is a must. Even if you are a visitor to the UK I think you will find it interesting, educational and suitable for all the family. The guides are keen, welcoming and knowledgeable. Parking and Admission is FREE.

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The Society

The Charity

Historic Croydon Airport Trust

We are the independent charity that champions the history and heritage of London Croydon Airport. Our mission is to help everyone explore how the people, events and innovations at the world’s first modern airport shaped air travel 

The Historic Croydon Airport Trust was founded in 1978 as the Croydon Airport Society. It set out to conserve the history and heritage of London Croydon Airport, Britain’s first major international airport, for the benefit of the community. In 1983, the Croydon Airport Society became a registered charity to be better support it's mission of conserving one of Britain's most significant historic places. 

In 2016, the Charity Commission approved conversion of the Croydon Airport Society to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation under the name of the Historic Croydon Airport Trust. The Historic Croydon Airport Trust is Charity Commission registered under number 1166732

This website includes information, images and learning resources on the history of Croydon Airport from World War I until closure in 1959. Also included is information about the Croydon Airport Visitor Centre micro museum and the charity that runs the micro museum.

We are an independent charity, funded by members’ subscriptions, run by volunteers for the benefit of the community.

The Croydon Airport Society was a major stakeholder in developing the Croydon Airport Visitor Centre in the Grade II listed Airport House, Croydon.

Researchers should first contact the National Register of Archives via the National Archives for further information.

The Croydon Airport Society is Charity Commission registered under number 287303.

We welcome your feedback on our website. Please address feedback to: info@croydonairportsociety.org.uk

The Croydon Airport Society

What we do: 

  • Operate the Croydon Airport Visitor Centre in Airport House
  • Help schools and youth organisations with learning about Croydon Airport
  • Research and record the history of Croydon Airport: civil, military, technological innovations and developments, social and cultural aspects
  • Manage an extensive archive containing 100,000 documents, images and artefacts relating to Croydon Airport
  • Exhibit at shows and other local events
  • Produce regular newsletters, colour journals and “From the Archives” publication

Constitution of the Croydon Airport Society (July 2007)


1)    Name:  The name of the society shall be the Croydon Airport Society.  

2)    Objects:  The objects of the Society shall be:- 

a) to educate the public on the history of Croydon Airport and associated activities, 

b) to secure the preservation and protection of buildings and artefacts of historic or public interest relating to Croydon Airport, 

c) in furtherance of the above objects, the trustees shall have the following powers:- 

  i) to establish an archive of documents, artefacts and photographs relating to Croydon Airport, 

 ii) to publish papers, reports and other literature in support of the above objects, 

iii) to support the establishment of any future Museum of Civil Aviation.  

3) Membership: Membership shall be open to all.  The following classes of membership are established:- 

a) Full members: Open to all those aged 18 or over and giving full voting rights. 

b) Junior members: Open to all those aged 17 or under, but without voting rights. 

c) Overseas members: Open to members with mailing addresses outside the United Kingdom, giving full voting rights. 

d)    Family members:  Open to a member, their spouse or partner and their children of less than 17 years.  Voting rights for one full or senior member only. 

e)    Honorary Life members:  Bestowed by the Committee from time to time in recognition services to the Society, having full voting rights. 

f) Life members:  Open to those paying a once-only fee, as decided from time to time by the Committee, giving full voting rights. 

g) Affiliate membership:  May be granted by the Executive Committee to those organizations which satisfy the Committee that their aims are relevant to those of the Society, on the basis of information and publication exchange. 

h) Associate membership: Open to business organizations, which support the aims of the Society (for an annual donation of not less than £25) 

4) Termination of membership  A member shall cease to be a member, if they have not renewed their membership within 15 months of their previous subscription having been paid. 

5) Subscriptions  All members and affiliated bodies shall pay such subscriptions and/or fees as the Executive Committee shall decide. 

6) Executive Committee  At the Annual General Meeting the membership shall appoint an Executive Committee to serve for the following year. 

a) The Executive Committee shall consist of a minimum of seven officers which must include a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. 

b) The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the management of the affairs of the Society and such other tasks as a General Meeting may, from time to time, decide. 

c) All members of the Executive Committee shall retire annually, but may offer themselves for re-election. 

d) The Executive Committee shall have the power to appoint such sub-committees as it may, from time to time, decide.  Any such sub-committee shall report to the Executive Committee and must obtain formal approval from the Executive Committee prior to committing the Society to any course of action or expenditure. 

7) Rules of procedure at all meetings 

a) At any General meeting of the Society a minimum of thirty members with full voting rights shall form a quorum. 

b) At any meeting of the Executive Committee, a minimum of four members shall form a quorum. 

c) Minutes shall be kept of all General meetings and Executive Committee meetings.  The Secretary shall keep a record of all proceedings and resolutions. 

d) A Committee member shall be allowed reference to all past records of the Minutes for information and/or research purposes. 

8) Finance 

a) The Treasurer shall keep such records and accounts for the financial year as are deemed necessary by an independent accountant.  A report verifying this shall be submitted by the Executive Committee at the Annual General Meeting. 

b) All monies raised by, or on behalf of, the Society shall be applied to further the objects of the Society. 

c) Any item of major expenditure can only be made with the prior approval of the Executive Committee. 

9) Dissolution  If the Executive Committee decides at any time to recommend that it is necessary or advisable to dissolve the Society, it shall call a meeting of all voting members of the Society. Written notice shall be given to all members not less than 28 days prior to tire meeting. 

10)   Disposal of assets  In the event that it is agreed to dissolve the Society, the assets shall be disposed of as follows:- 

a)  All records, archives, artefacts and books shall be deposited with a charitable organizsation competent to look after them which will, as far as possible, continue to further the objects of the Society. 

b)  Any financial assets remaining, after the satisfaction of any proper debts and liabilities, shall be donated towards charitable purposes connected with aviation. 

11)   Alterations to the Constitution  Any proposal to alter this Constitution must be delivered in writing to the Secretary not less than 56 days prior to the General Meeting at which it is first to be considered.  Any alteration will require the approval of two thirds of the full members present and voting at a General Meeting, subject to there being a quorum.  No amendments shall be made to this clause and clause 2 without the written consent of the Charity Commissioners. 

12)   Special General Meeting  A Special General Meeting shall be called by the Chairman on receipt of a written request signed by not less than 20 full voting members detailing the reason for the request. 

13)   Annual General Meeting  Once in each year, the Executive Committee shall convene an Annual General Meeting of the Society, which all members having full voting rights shall be entitled to attend.  The meeting shall be held not more than 15 months after the previous one.  The meeting shall conduct the following business, and give approval where relevant:- 

a) The minutes of the previous meeting 

b) The Chairman's report 

c) The annual statement of accounts 

d) The appointment of Auditors 

e) Informal reports on activities not requiring approval 

f) The election of the Executive Committee for the next year. (Nominations shall be submitted to the Secretary, in writing, at least one month prior to the meeting.) 

g) Written notice shall be given to all members of the time, date and place of the Annual General Meeting at least six weeks prior to the meeting.